PDF Generator Tool

THE PROBLEM: Pharmaceutical companies who pay agencies to prepare PDFs for review by their medical, legal and regulatory teams result in higher than necessary costs. These PDFs are labor intensive and usually requiring PSD or mockups that significantly increase costs and add time to the project.

THE SOLUTION: Xpediant Solutions' PDF Generator Tool simplifies and automates the PDF development process to quickly and efficiently create the submission for pharmaceutical company's medical, legal and regulatory process. Xpediant Solutions' PDF Generator tool simplifies the creation of responsive design websites automating 80%+ of a pharmaceutical company's needs.

WHAT IT IS: Automatically create PDFs of your responsive design websites in preparation for your medical, legal and regulatory review process (AKA MLR, PRC, PRB, etc)

WHO IS IT FOR: Pharma clients and the digital agencies that support them.

WHY: Reduce costs in PDF generation for the review process while improving time to market through lower people resource demands.

WHERE: Utilize the PDF Generator tool when developing sites within your content management system (ex. Adobe AEM, Drupal, etc).

Xpediant Solutions' PDF Generator tool is an innovative add-on to Content Management Systems like Adobe AEM to quickly and easily create PDFs of responsive designed websites for review by medical, legal and regulatory teams within pharmaceutical companies. No more PSDs! No more mockups! Reduce costs and improve time-2-market through automation and eliminating unnecessary PSD/mockups development.

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